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Picasso On The Move

Imagine your body is an assemblage of borrowed parts. You are still in your own skin, but your friend has lent you her legs, your mother her arms, your neighbor her torso, your doorman his eyes. You are now moving in space with this body on rent. It feels rather incoherent – your gait is surprisingly fast, your arm and leg movements overwhelmingly uncoordinated, and your gaze unusually withdrawn. You are experiencing reality from different hinge-points while forging new connections of “pro-prioception” – or the ability of your brain to integrate information into its overall sense of position, movement, and [ Read the rest…]

CohERA Move – opening a new ERA of embodied mindfulness in Experimental Dance Theatre

  Similar to many like-minded experimental dance theatre iconoclasts and scholars around the globe for more than 20 years I have been seeking holistic ways to train the young generation of performing artists. This new breed of creative seekers is ultra-intelligent, inventive, and quickly grasping. They can easily pick up a modern or post-modern dance form in an hour and interpret it through an ingenious lens of fresh urgency. They are like urban shamans, somatic visionaries who are ready to venture into new overlapping frontiers of investigation and experimentation. They are the future “kinectors” – aware movers who would no [ Read the rest…]

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