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The ArtFlow Hive:

Yogea ArtFlow Hive is a contemporary center for creative and spiritual education in the heart of Manhattan. It prides itself on its mission is to cross-pollinate innovative ideas, holistic approaches, spiritual teachings, artistic concepts and world views while providing an inspiring environment for integral education and creative growth. The wide array of psycho-physical and somatic practices ranging from yoga science, art therapy, body-mind centering, soul-coaching, meditation, contemporary dance and experimental theatre, offers extensive education and a comprehensive toolkit to tap creative resources and gain insight into one’s life purpose.

Yogea ArtFlow Center produces an educational web series, comprising of targeted yoga routines, guided meditations and purifying breathing practices. The series is accompanied by an informative and inspirational blog that draws health tips, wisdom and insight from various holistic sources. The interactive video platform is updated on a weekly basis while maintaining an ongoing dialogue with its thousands of viewers and practitioners across the globe. Their invaluable feedback and personal requests are addressed weekly, rendering the online series accessible and suited for individual and group practice.

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The Integrated Education:

The center prides itself on the unique 200 & 500 YA Certified Yoga Teacher Training that it offers.  Besides the usual immersion into the science of asana, anatomy, physiology and meditation, Yogea ArtFlow Teacher Training offers a unique in-depth theoretical and practical study into all sources of Yoga around the world (Vedic and Buddhist traditions, Ayurveda, Chinese Yoga and Qi-Gong, Alchemical knowledge and Kabbalah, Shamanism and Natural wisdom, Zen Yoga and Feng Shuei, Theosophy, Quantum Physics, Esoteric Healing, and Comparative Religions), affording participants the opportunity to engage in a dynamic self-study as a catalyst for bettering the world within and around them. This engaged spirituality allows students to reconsider creativity as a portal into spiritual awakening in a time of cultural cross-current. The massive theoretical fund is backed by practical exercises from every spiritual tradition, as well as visual diagrams and documentaries.



The Playground

The Center also offers KINDER DAO, an exciting playground for kid’s creative development. The workshops and sessions are based on an original program that blends animal poses from yoga, dance improvisation, creative games, painting and theatrical story-telling with self-made props and authentic movement.  The workshops usher kids in a world of adventure and artistic exploration to unleash imagination, foster spontaneity and spark creative flair.