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The ArtFlow Style:

Yogea is an emerging ArtFlow yoga style that has developed over the past 18 years across Europe, Asia and America. It is geared towards unleashing authenticity, cultivating mindfulness and adaptability to grow and thrive in a constantly changing world. Its creatively blended exercise routines structured like a compass, together with its breathing and meditation techniques inspire practitioners to keep physically fit, mentally balanced, stress-free and able to tap the cosmic flow by bridging the personal with the universal. Yogea’s innovative routines emphasize flow of energy over rigidity of form and inspire individuals to transition organically from one stage to the next in full trust and gratitude, letting the natural flow guide them into their life mission.  It enkindles the urge to awaken the “guru” inside, and releases the need for discipleship and the following of a single teacher or path. It affords practitioners the freedom for personal spiritual pursuit and creative expression.


The Simple Philosophy:

At the heart of the center’s philosophy lies the idea of unleashing the flow of creativity and abundance in our life, and experiencing the joy of sharing our fruits in veneration to the divineness inherent in all.