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“Overground – an entertaining thought provoking company that will leave you pondering, and yes, bee-dazzled..” by Linda Stasi, Daily News, (Oct 10, 2014)


“Mesmerizing, futuristic avant-garde dance” by Carlie Petesh – Village Voice, (May 28, 2013)


“…A magnificent show, deserving so many compliments. A deeply moving organic fusion of text and movement that flowed like a current of consciousness. Striking choreography – urgent and imaginative. Every actor – a wholesome galaxy in a universe, every costume distinctly unique, yet a membrane of blood memory. The acting, music dancing blended organically…Brilliant, tantalizing and witty text. Hypnotic soundscapes, mesmerizing visuals.  Kept me on my toes…The trick of pulsating between film, dance and theatre was iconoclast, revolutionary…” David Lipfert – Attitude Magazine, 2013


“World Class show – a multi-cultural tapestry of human memory stretching from the personal to the social, from the communal to the global, from the evolutionary to the universal. Whimsical, funny, witty and brilliantly written…mesmerizing performance, arresting visuals and haunting choreography – a show that will travel the world…”Lisa Sharkey – Creative Director & Editor of Harper Collins, 2012


“The script provided an incredible plot for the characters to inhabit. The nine denizens were superbly chisled both physically, the main character – Penelope was focal and utterly engaging throughout the whole show. The choreography was raw and chic at the same time, drawing on theatricality but also minimalist Asian and traditional vocabulary.  The singer was extremely interesting and was a special touch. Highly original and avant-garde, provocative and enlightening in a funny, but intelligent way…” David Lipfert – dance critic, Attitude Magazine, 2012


“I can’t stop thinking about the profundity of the words in Ecocentric and the impact they made on me. Three days after I catch myself remembering whole phrases from the show, I am haunted.” Linda Stasi – NY Post critic and columnist, 2012


“Intentional humor, mystifying…mystical” New Yorker, 2011


“Poignant… exuding an emotional intensity of whimsical verbal acrobatics and swirling mobility and vitality of dancer’s bodies…original compelling vignettes and revelations” Inside New York, 2011


“Hybrid presentation of dance, theatre, opera and visual arts” Time Out, 2011


“Multi-disciplinary work of urban Zen experiences” NY Post, 2011


“Futuristic avant-garde dance” Village Voice, 2011


“Poignant… evocative text…arresting choreography” Eye on Dance, 2011


“A rare style of total theatre that you don’t get to see…Urban Tao Evolution organically weaves abstract philosophy and personal reflections through movement and drama”. Nicole Estavnik-Taylor – American Theatre, July’ 2011


“Overground, an uber-modern dance troop leaps, spins and moves in fantastic, futuristic costumes, as they unfold the tales of passengers on a stalled train during a blackout”. Linda Stasi, NY Post, May 2010


“Overground Physical Theatre Company” has received international critical acclaim by offering the NY theatre and dance scene the richness of Bulgarian art and culture for more than 7 years, staging and producing unparalleled multidisciplinary performance art that has contributed immensely to the development of the bilateral cultural relations between the U.S. and Bulgaria.” Bulgarian Art & Culture Bulletin, NY, 2009, Dr. Nikolay Milkov, Ambassador, Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in New York


“Avatar – an ultra-contemporary theatrical pastische weaving traditional modern dance & theatre idiom. Magnificently structured and superbly performed, a digital epiphany breaking away from the confines of the theatrical didactic and embracing the associative logic of multi-media art…” Keva Apostolova, Editor in Chief of Bulgarian Theatre Magazine, June Edition, 2009


“…Profound, subtle, unconventional, an arresting way of deciphering the Da Vinci Code through contemporary dance, sacred chants, video and theatre. A powerful and intelligent work that moves you…Overground brings together dancers from Russia, Holland, Morocco, Korea, Italy, Japan and Bulgaria in a worldly show featuring a striking 21st-century avant-garde dance…” Linda Stasi, NY Post, June 2009


„Christ & Magdalene” of Overground Physical Theatre Company – an aggressively lyrical work – lyrical for its subtle elegance and aestheticism, aggressive for its poignant social relevance and whimsical flavor…Powerful lacework of universal and personal, a well devised project – from concept to implementation…”  Lubka Georgieva, Culture Magazine, Sofia Press, June ’09 Edition


A provocative dance collage daring and innovative, prophetic and penetrating into the inner atlas of myth and legend…a symbiosis of existential and epic, brilliant character work, visually stunning and plastically sublime…”  Valia Petrova – theatre editor, Higher Attestation Committee Theatre Department Bulletin, Sofia ‘09


“Overground Physical Theatre Company trespasses the boundaries of conventional form and offers a new depth of vision. Avatar tools draw from renown theatre reformers to conceive an enigmatic patchwork of Jerzhi Grotovsky, Bertold Breht, Antonin Artaud and Pina Bausch – true 21 c theatre – dynamic, polyphonic, multifaceted, “virtureal”, mysterious and concrete…” Anthony Patellis – La Mama Producer and Director, June NY ‘09


“Theosophy in Action… Opus Magnum of Esoteric Theatre in New York… The Bulgarian Company for Contemporary Dance and Theatre Overground paints corporally a magic symphony of movement, music, drama, opera and media… Overground is Theosophy in Modern Dress, and Avatar – a thrilling multi-layered pastische that interprets the Gnostic gospel of Mary Magdalene with the tools of avantgarde world theatre…”  Odin Townley – Theosophy Journal, Summer Edition, July ‘09


“Overground restores faith in dance as a vehicle for deeper meaning…provides dance nourishment for audiences starved of reflection…(Janaury 2008) by David Lipfert, Attitude Magazine


“…By offering something rather than a cliché ridden movement and superficial themes Overground Physical Theatre Company provides dance nourishment for audiences starved of food for reflection…” David Lipfert, Attitude Magazine, NY, January 2007


“In combining modern and traditional varieties of these various art forms, Katrandjieva deliberately avoids hammering out a synthesis as an earlier generation of multiculturalists might have done. Instead she allows a sort of coexistence without forcing connections and interrelations onto the audience, who become partners in the creative act, a performance with ambitious scope, a multi-faceted originality where deep philosophy unfolds…”  David Lipfert, Attitude Magazine, April’04


“Breathtaking, innovative, spiritual…an original collage of dance, ritual, drama and painting bridging tradition and modernity…provoking food for the mind…a theatrical catharsis that should not be missed…”  Linda Stasi, NY Post, December 2004