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Motoko Tadano – performing artist and repertory assistant



Motoko Tadano – performing artist and repertory assistant

Motoko Tadano was born in Japan and began her dance training in ballet and performed at prominent dance platforms all over Japan. She then moved to New York City to further her dance training and performance skills in Modern and Contemporary Dance and Choreography, and she has frequently performed for various contemporary choreographers in illustrious dance theatres in New York. Since 2006 she has joined Overground Physical Theatre Dance Company. She also member of the Japanese Performing Arts NYC educating the artistic community on Japanese traditional dance and culture. Motoko has garnered critical plaudits for her artistic achievements by the Theatre Magazine, Theatre Forum, Attitude Magazine, the New Yorker, Dance Insider, Eye on Dance and New York Times, to mention but a few.





Richard Scandola – performing artist and choreographer

Richard Scandola became a dancer and ventured into the art of dance at the age of 18, after realizing that sciences were not his path in life. He soon began to dance for dance companies in southern France, his birthplace, such as Les Ballets des Alpes Maritimes, Horizons and Corps Accord. Every dance company owned a particular style: neo-classical, contemporary-jazz, modern-jazz. He also worked in a musical comedy in a cabaret, Swinging Fantasy. Since moving to New York about 7 years ago, he has attended different dance programs including Cunningham’s summer intensive, and Limon’s PSP programs, where he discovered a special affinity with this technique and met Jim May who became his mentor. He soon became one of the dancer of Anna Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble.  His professional experience extends through illustrious New York based dance companies, such as Barkin/Selissen Project, Brice Mousset OUI Danse, HT Chen Dance and Dancers, Overground Physical Theater, Shadow Box Theatre as co-director, dancer and puppeteer, Eva Dean Dance Company, Valerie Green Dance Entropy.


Daan Bootsma



Daan Bootsma – dancer and performing artist

Daan Bootsma began dancing at the age of 8 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, at Grapelli Dance Studios. He started out doing street dance and jazz classes then later attended Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts in Amsterdam, where he studied musical theatre, show-dance, hiphop, modern, acting and singing. During his studies in Amsterdam, he danced with Samadhi Dance Company, performing in shows for national TV and concert halls. After working with Hollands Showballet for a year, Daan moved to New York City to study at the Ailey School, where he became a scholarship student. In the same year he joined New York Dance Project where he danced for a season. Over the summer he attended Springboard Danse Montreal, where he performed works by Maxine Doyle and Michael Getman. This season he started working with Overground Physical Theater and Dance Entropy Inc.. He has performed works by Darshan Singh Bhuller, Anthony Burrell, Laurent Flament, Bob Fosse (staged by Valarie Pettiford), Tyler Gilstrap, Gabrielle Lamb, Tara Masimer and Ray Mercer.


Former Company Members

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