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“…profound, subtle, unconventional, Overground Physical Theatre Company is the avant-garde epitome of kinetic intelligence and esoteric vision…” Theatre Magazine

Overground Physical Theatre is a cutting edge off-off Broadway lab for interdisciplinary theater. The company creates devised work by blending dance, theatre and film. The company’s works belong to the less explored niche of “urgent theatre,” which morphs kinetic sensibility with esoteric vision. The company utilizes expressionistic post-modern European “Tanz-theater,” contact improvisation and performance art to create a transpersonal experience that borders the quotidian and the existential.

The company’s works belong to the little explored form of “urgent meta-theatre,” which morphs kinetic sensibility with esoteric vision.They incorporate innovative choreography and thought-provoking dramaturgy to reconnect theatre to its spiritual roots and bring sacral experiences. Stylistically, the company employs a “total theatre” approach and swings between Chechov’s Psychological Gesture,” Becket’s “Absurdist Existentialism,” Brecht’s “Alienation Effect,” Bausch’s boldTanztheater,” Butoh’s “raw transcendental states” and the current European avant-garde dance theatre idiom.

Overground actors and dancers are led through an integrated process of self-discovery “Ecorporeality” and a “Cohera Move” – an experimental dance approach that uses corporal and vocal energy states to reveal a largely untapped reservoir of knowledge, spirit and perceptive awareness. This signature method of eco-somatic awareness re-examines the virgin body while harnessing the authentic nature, and nurtures subtle performers capable of “offering”, rather than “displaying.”

Overground Physical Theatre has produced over 30 full-length devised performances at renowned NY dance and theatre venues, such as BAM Fisher, City Hall, New York Live Arts, Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater, La MaMa Experimental Theater, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, Judson Memorial Church, Center, HERE Arts Center, Dance New Amsterdam, Salvatore Capezio Theater, New Dance Group, BRIC, White Wave, Ellens Hall, Connecticut University, Harvard Dance School, Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, among others. The company invites visionary artists from around the world to create original groundbreaking work. It promotes international exchange through workshops and festivals, and raises urgent social, philosophical and global concerns while providing space for cultural and spiritual growth.