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BeeHave at the 9th Annual Wave Rising Series 2014 of White Wave

Overground Physical Theater is honored to perform its latest interdisciplinary work “BeeHave” at the 9th Annual Wave Rising Series 2014 of White Wave – New York’s ultra-contemporary choreography venue.  For those of you who couldn’t make the bee-dazzling world premier at the Ailey Citigroup Theater and our presentation “What can we learn from bees to re-imagine the world” at “Performing the World” conference in NY, don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy 30 minutes of the show, and buy tickets now. When: Wednesday, October 22nd Preview night at 7 pm. Friday, October 24th at 7:30 pm. Saturday, October 25th at 4 [ Read the rest…]


BeeHave – a video dance-drama

Saturday, October 11th at 8 PM THE AILEY CITIGROUP THEATER, 405 W 55th/9th Av. General Admission: $20  Conceived by: Ana Atanassova Written & Directed by: Antonia Katrandjieva Choreographed by: Antonia Katrandjieva & Valentina Priolo Performed by/ Choreographic Collaboration: Gessica Paperini, Motoko Tadano, Richard Scandola &Valentina Priolo Video design by: Ana Atanassova & Kalin Ivanov Video Performance by: Bisan Toron Fire Dance & Live Body Installation: Evgeniya Radilova Music by: Emilio Garzon & Xana Bel Costumes by: Hristina Hristova Overground Physical Theatre Company presents “BeeHave” – a contemporary ritual to honor bees.  The interdisciplinary work explores how the behavior of honey [ Read the rest…]


“Beehave” – human ethics captured in the dance language of bees

My earliest conscious encounter with bees was at the age of 12 when I visited my uncle in the countryside. Uncle George was a devoted Bee-Keeper in the region and knew bee’s behavior inside out. He would tell me mysterious stories about bees nesting between the walls of his house and seeping honey on his bed. He would then lick the honey and his eyes would bulge into the multiple lens of a bee so he could see the radiance of all the objects that surrounded him. He disclosed the secret that everything had a ring of light around it [ Read the rest…]


The Body – a temple of “archaic urgency”

I was really fortunate to join an excavation team at an ancient Thracian ceremonial ground in South-Eastern Bulgaria last summer.  When I arrived at the mount of Huhla, where the Thracian sanctuary stood, the work had already begun. A ditch was dug to reveal a giant well. I was soon handed a pair of gloves, a shovel and a spade, and asked to join the other workers who were descending a well that yawned at the center of the temple. The well was the main point of inquiry – the pillar around which all the rituals revolved. The work was [ Read the rest…]


Corporal ecstasy in Butoh and Derwish whirling

It is quite rewarding to devise dance theatre in a hybrid era. You are open to a host of possibilities. From cross-genre work to interdisciplinary performances and live-art, you are free to web styles, idioms and media – fostering cross-fertilization, and encouraging the development of concept and process, which expand the language and aesthetics of dance theatre. There are no restrictions, no rules, no“sine qua nons”. You can create enigmatic blends of Flamenco and Martial Arts, fuse Expressionistic dance and hip hop, tanz-theater and kinetic meditation; temple dance and quotidian improvisation; imbue gestural codes with poignant theatricality. Even bridge two [ Read the rest…]


Picasso On The Move

Imagine your body is an assemblage of borrowed parts. You are still in your own skin, but your friend has lent you her legs, your mother her arms, your neighbor her torso, your doorman his eyes. You are now moving in space with this body on rent. It feels rather incoherent – your gait is surprisingly fast, your arm and leg movements overwhelmingly uncoordinated, and your gaze unusually withdrawn. You are experiencing reality from different hinge-points while forging new connections of “pro-prioception” – or the ability of your brain to integrate information into its overall sense of position, movement, and [ Read the rest…]



As keepers of the honey comb we plunge into the conscious play of cross-pollinating ideas. We share space, resources, and love. As we jump into expanded perception we develop new habits of sensing and knowing; realizing that everything is mutually inclusive and supportive. If we learn to BEE-Have, and be congruent with our genuine message; if we tend to our inner and outer ecology with gratitude and a sense of collective purpose, perhaps we can produce genuine honey, making the perceptual leap from breakdown to breakthrough. How do we add value to the world and live passionately with our purpose? [ Read the rest…]


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s test in patience A review of En Atendant

A review of En Atendant Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s En Atendant performed as part of the BAM Next Wave Dance Festival 2013 left me wondering about the liquid state of contemporary dance theatre. With  multi-media art raging over the experimental dance theatre arena it is very hard to cultivate a patient audience – willing to stomach an hour and a half long work of bleak choreography, bare set, and repetitive, uneventful variations against alternations of medieval Ars Subtilior music and complete silence. It is even harder to track the summary of the play bill description live: “En Atendant evokes the [ Read the rest…]


COHERA MOVE LAB (Season 2013 – 2014)

The Leap: Instant communication, hi-speed mental processing; and data delivering; multi-directional, simultaneous connectivity – we have so much access to information that we can barely keep up. This information tide has reached a tipping point and needs a breakthrough.  Physical and mental realities are no longer expansive enough. Old constructs integrate into a larger, more comprehensive context.  We are experiencing the acceleration or increased vibration of individual and planetary consciousness – this is giving rise to a new reality that will eclipse the density we have always accepted as normal.  As we evolve from the digital age to the intuition [ Read the rest…]


Overground Physical Theatre Danspace Project Residency

An excerpt from an anonymous journal dated April 25th calls the end of X-STREAM, as an ocean wave projected on a screen washes away the last revelation of “I drink HOME” etched in the sand. The sand is again blank – awaiting the next message, the ocean ready to swallow it and record it back into its depths. Nine performers lined up in a live chain at the edge of the shore contemplate the indomitable vastness. Their bodies strung in a mutual prayer in reverence to water. Their ultimate destination: HOME. What happens next? Perhaps, they venture into the horizon [ Read the rest…]

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