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Ecocentric (2012) – A multi-cultural inter-disciplinary eco drama (performed at: Manhattan Arts & Movement Center, NY)


Av@tar – (2009) – an inter-faith play, that views the modern and sacred through the Gnostic scriptures (performed at: Judson Memorial Church, NY)


Lactobacilicum Bulgaricum (2003) – A tri-lingual performance incorporating Buddhist symbology, Chinese mysticism and Bulgarian folklore (Brooklyn Information & Culture Center, NY)


Copper Tones  (1996) – A post-dramatic play integrating Japanese Haiku poetry and Noh Theatre with Slavic folklore (performed at: National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, Sofia)


Embers from Summer (1997) – a modern interpretation of Balinese Mystery Drama (performed at “Earth and Man Museum”, Sofia)


Thracian Moon (1998) a physical theatre immersion into Slavic and Indonesian mythology and heritage (Borobodour International Dance Festival, Java, Indonesia)


Globaleidoscope (1999) – an ethno-contemporary tapestry of Native American, Indian, Arabic Dance traditions (American College, Sofia)


Boundaries-Horizons (1999) – a contemporary account of indigenous cultures’ dance rituals (Sofia Art Gallery)

Mental Combat (2001) – an anti-war project interpreted through contemporary dance and video, (Rigiblick Theater, Zurich, Switzerland)