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The Philosophy:

YOGEA is a form of engaged spirituality that offers a signature yoga style by integrating ancient and modern tools to unearth the Self. It morphs the static dynamism of yoga with the subtle fluidity of dance while paving the individual’s path to creative and spiritual development in a constantly shifting world. The unique compass-structured style flows into all four directions, and challenges practitioners to “think out of the box” and reconsider the ancient practice from a contemporary lens. Because it defies imposed yoga standards, it expands consciousness by nurturing innovation and creativity.  Through its educational platform of training programs, workshops, cross-cultural events, performances and creative video blog Yogea Artflow honors all strings of the spiritual tradition, all aspects of the yoga practice, all souls that seek enlightenment on Earth and in the Universe.




Yogea Education:

YOGEA ARTFLOW CENTER’s educational platform is an immersion into all existing world Yoga Sources. Drawing on both ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions and practices the platform is intended to expand student’s practical and theoretical knowledge in the complementary fields of Vedic, Buddhist, Chinese, Judeo-Chaldean Philosophy, ancient mysticism, etheric anatomy, nutritional healing, sacred psychology, medical astrology, somatic awareness and holistic therapy. Special is emphasis is attributed to honing the sacred art of spiritual pedagogy, as prospective teachers and students are afforded the opportunity to put their foundational knowledge in a relevant context that resonates with the current needs of humanity. The aim is to cultivate “Engaged Spirituality” – an ability to update perennial wisdom and apply its invaluable tips for embodied mindfulness into our urgent lives, making space for personal growth, global transformation and ecological responsibility.

Yogea’s heartfelt intention is to nurture a community of creative, intelligent and caring yoga teachers who are abreast of existing esoteric heritage and healing practices; teachers who are devoted to the spiritual ethics of Yoga, sensitive to the needs of their students and willing to offer their deep knowledge and dedication in a sincere and compassionate way.

YOGEA classes are held every Tuesday and Friday from 9 – 10 a.m. at Peridance Capezio Center (126 East 13th Street)


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