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The method:

Ecorporeality Self-Refinery is Overground’s educational platform for awakening somatic intelligence through the art and practice of embodied mindfulness. Ancient and modern eco-somatic practices for cultivating corporal awareness are examined as students immerse into a process of distilling the body’s awareness in the multiple realities of the self.  Drawing upon a multitude of creative and spiritual practices, such as: (Via-Negativa actor training methods, Yogea ArtFlow -an innovative yoga style, Cohera Move – a signature contemporary dance technique; Qi-Gong (Tai-chi), Authentic Movement, Post-modern and Contemporary Dance, Body Mind Centring tools and Creative Visualization) the system takes practitioners on an unchartered journey into the “nine gates” of the body (the Virginal Body, the Authentic body, the Organic Body, the Lucid Body, the Receptive Body, the Expressive Body, the Creative Body, the Urgent Body, the Ecommunicative Body), making it open and receptive to the widest range of psycho-physical possibilities.  The goal is to awaken the multi-sensory individual – kinaesthetically eloquent and verbally nimble. The method was initially developed as a holistic way for training contemporary performers and focuses on the process of stripping away the conditioned body in order to retrieve the authentic self.

The philosophy:

Ecorporeality urges practitioners to view the body as a playfield of realities, an eco-scroll on which we inscribe our presence and impact the world. The reweaving of the corporal atlas entails a redefining of the personal and collective identity. By honing the body and fine-tuning it to the needs of the ecosystem we are able to access our vulnerability as an outlet for creative expression. Ecorporeality helps us rediscover the body as ecology, the self-created reality that carves our identity.

The format:

The method is broken down into three stages- Precognition (Archepolyphony), Cognition (ArtFlow) and Recognition (Ecolution). The first, “Archepolyphony” leads students through a regression into the archetypes of precognitive sound and primordial vocal memory. The second, “ArtFlow” presents an organic technique of fluid body movement coupled with creative visualization and autogenic training to catalyze the transcendence of cognitive brain patterns and hone the thinking body. The third, “Ecolution” walks students through contextualized concepts of post-dramatic theatre, eco-somatic tools, and movement improvisation while introducing and developing a philosophical, psychological, scientific or esoteric theme.  The three-hour workshop session culminates with a group attunement to the universal flow.