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A cutting-edge dance theatre approach to distilling reality into the multiplicity of the self


The Philosophy:

Cohera Move, a branch of Ecorporeality, is Overground’s signature experimental dance lab for creating Coherent Movement. Cohere Move is a somatic-sensory experimental dance approach that uses corporal and vocal energy states to reveal a largely untapped reservoir of knowledge, spirit and perceptive awareness. It challenges post-modernist concepts of deconstruction and eclecticism, and calls for a revival of coherent dance as a spiritual pursuit.  The body is viewed as a site of overlapping realities in which the subject’s identity reflects his attitude towards the world. Targeted flow-inducing exercises signal the body’s urgent call, and its return to the organic patterns of life. Performers are guided into creative visualizations, energetic flow routines and psycho-physical tasks to acknowledge the body’s ecology as the sum of its inner and outer environment. The method focuses on authenticity, rather than originality, and traces how raw movement grows out of vulnerability and transforms into distilled neutrality – a sophisticated way of making the intangible tangible.


The Format:

The shape-based notion of form is overthrown in floor and center exercises, and the various shades of energy transfer are examined as a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of resonance and availability. Liminal states of existence are induced by probing a wide palette of movement options: intentional (post-dramatic); motion driven (reactive); association laden (imagery-driven); somatic (soul-inspired); coded (hieroglyphic); energetic (breath-based); sensory (perceptive); experiential (intuitive) and elemental (organically brewed). The diversified kinetic idiom hones a receptive body that fluctuates between extremities: from logical consistency to emotional outrage, from skeletal abandon to muscular control; from gestural intricacy to fluid dissolve; from elastic extension to buoyant flow; from organic coherence to meditative stillness. Dance variations pair with visceral tasks provoking performers to trace the relationship between pretext, context, subtext and meta-text in motion.  Floor and center work alternate to culminate in expansive diagonals of running, tossing, swirling, bounding and rebounding, exploring a diversity of rhythmic and spatial patterns, toying with intensity, dynamics and amplitude. Performers travel from sound through gesture to image, distilling meaning into kinesthetic metaphors and emotive states.


The Style:

The body’s intelligence to ride Earthly vortices awakens, as the performer finds the multiple projections of every seed action reflected as the continuity of coherent form.  The minting of a new vocabulary gives freedom to moving with abandonment and precision, release and focus, as the body pulsates from the realm of the abstract into the concrete, from the mundane into the spiritual. Modern dance coined alphabetical techniques, postmodern and contemporary dance overthrew existing dance codes finding new ways of relating and communicating.  The ultra-hip “Cohera Move” approach builds on both. It offers an alternative vision to movement by re-defining accepted notions of form, content, shape and dimension, and immersing dancers into a multi-dimensional universe of self-transcendence and nuance.    The technique harnesses the transformational quality of energy, as an inexhaustible reservoir of information and intelligent design. Coherent form is optimal, continuous, efficient and self-sustaining, ancient and relevant – there’s nothing to take away, nothing to add.