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IDEN-defy – Overground’s newest work is now in progress


For all lovers of experimental dance and physical theatre Overground Physical Theater Company is back rehearsing its newest full-length work. An explosive piece about the polarized identity construct that casts a veil of duality over our true self. Identity Thefts, Identity Scandals, Identity frauds, Identity obsessions, Identity issues….How do we move from finger printing to soul printing? The identity craze that we are subject to everyday unmasked and unveiled….Iden-defy will strip you naked and set your shadow ablaze…Coming soon. Stay tuned!


ButohN-less – If Becket were Asian

Insights on Butoh Yes, button-less. Precisely. Loose and floating, yet anchored into the universal. There is nothing really to bewilder – no technique, no virtuosity. No “dada” moments to marvel. Yet there is everything to behold. To hold you in awe. You are watching pure movement in its essence, nothing spectacular, nothing grandiose, yet absolutely stunning. More so… numbing. You are speechless, breath-taken by the ageless minimalist design of the set and the eternal music of the naked body. And that is the hallmark of good Butoh. The piece Umusuna “Memories before history” performed recently at BAM by Sankai Juku [ Read the rest…]


The secret to rudderless dance: embodying energy through conscious dance

How about focusing on the exhalation and emptiness in order to create space for the authentic movement to emerge? Come and experience movement that arises from the Abysmal Void… How about viewing your feet and hands, arms and legs, not as extremities, but as conductors and receptors of electricity, resonant and able to receive the impulse and pass it on? Come and toy with the concept of “branching roots” to expand your Kinesphere…and rev up your kinetic recall… How about throwing away the corset and sensitizing your back, cradling into the positive and negative space, learning how to retreat in [ Read the rest…]


Movement – a frequency shifter?


How can we create Vibratory Coherence through movement? If energy creates form…And if matter is condensed vibration…. Then, how can we create meaning in Motion? The vibratory aspect of movement is actually not trending so much in contemporary dance right now. The actual presentation of dance is blurring boundaries between ballet, martial arts, yoga and theater. There’s a definite trend for interdisciplinary, multi-generational and cross over dance. The woolly territory between dance and visual art is being continually, fruitfully mined. Despite this artistic “boundary-hopping” there is an awakened interest in “Actual dance”. The modern dance world has reached an extraordinary [ Read the rest…]


“NewSpeak…Terpsichore” – outmoding conventional dance vocabulary to create a new idiom


  Watching Japan Society’s Performing Arts Winter Showcase I was taken aback by the wide variety of dance styles and ingenious choreographic choices – rich in subject matter and eclectic in form that audaciously signaled the dawn of a new non-verbal contemporary idiom. A dazzling display of motion graphics and body movement by Nobuyki Hanabusa and group Enra; a street style solo with music ranging from Chopin to J-pop (Japanese pop music); a fragrant quartet by Kaori Seki; a fresh duo of  “raging silence” by I Feng Tung and a “tranquil combat” of martial arts and authentic movement by Shang [ Read the rest…]


Free Cohera Move Classes (European Contemporary Dance) at DANY


Dear lovers of dance and theater, Overground Physical Theater Company wishes you an inspiring 2015 full of creative insight and artistic ingenuity. In line with our ingenuous BODY ECLECTIC our company will be fusing the formal virtuosity of American Dance with the physical viscerality of European Tanz Theater to transcend the post-modern aesthetic of pastische and leap into the new contemporary dimensions of the RESONANT BODY. How can we hone an instrument that is adaptive to various dance styles and vocabularies? How can we harness our creative energy and nurture authentic expression? How can we open up to a wide [ Read the rest…]


“Mindful Viscerality” – Post modern dance theatre and beyond

AlvinAiley_phoo_Andrew Eccles

Mindful Viscerality or Visceral Mindfulness? It is fascinating how these two terms magically overlap in most post-modern theatre performances to reveal two distinct but complementary approaches to devising experimental work today. If you take both terms and match them in a mirror image you get the impact of the projected image and the resonance of its reflection. The subtle interplay between projection and reflection, between impact and resonance, between conceptualism and viscerality weaves the intricate thread of contemporary physical theatre today, but has its roots in German expressionistic dance (Ausdruckstanz) and American abstract conceptualism (Dance Theatre). It is evident how [ Read the rest…]


FROM SWARMING TO DIVING: In search of dancing designs


After premiering the new hybrid work “BeeHave” at the renown Ailey Citigroup Theatre, and the the cutting-edge White Wave Festival in New York, and presenting its philosophy and creative concept at “Performing the World” conference in NY, Overground’s educational platform will extend traditional definitions of movement and choreography. In a relentless search of a complimentary vision for dance, of new dimensions of organic movement and human identity, we glimpsed the magical world of honey bees to draw life wisdom from the alchemy of the hive. We ventured into their iconic waggle dance to rethink our personal choices in line with [ Read the rest…]


BeeHave at the 9th Annual Wave Rising Series 2014 of White Wave


Overground Physical Theater is honored to perform its latest interdisciplinary work “BeeHave” at the 9th Annual Wave Rising Series 2014 of White Wave – New York’s ultra-contemporary choreography venue.  For those of you who couldn’t make the bee-dazzling world premier at the Ailey Citigroup Theater and our presentation “What can we learn from bees to re-imagine the world” at “Performing the World” conference in NY, don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy 30 minutes of the show, and buy tickets now. When: Wednesday, October 22nd Preview night at 7 pm. Friday, October 24th at 7:30 pm. Saturday, October 25th at 4 [ Read the rest…]


BeeHave – a video dance-drama


Saturday, October 11th at 8 PM THE AILEY CITIGROUP THEATER, 405 W 55th/9th Av. General Admission: $20  Conceived by: Ana Atanassova Written & Directed by: Antonia Katrandjieva Choreographed by: Antonia Katrandjieva & Valentina Priolo Performed by/ Choreographic Collaboration: Gessica Paperini, Motoko Tadano, Richard Scandola &Valentina Priolo Video design by: Ana Atanassova & Kalin Ivanov Video Performance by: Bisan Toron Fire Dance & Live Body Installation: Evgeniya Radilova Music by: Emilio Garzon & Xana Bel Costumes by: Hristina Hristova Overground Physical Theatre Company presents “BeeHave” – a contemporary ritual to honor bees.  The interdisciplinary work explores how the behavior of honey [ Read the rest…]

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