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Overground Arts Alliance is a New York-based, not-for-profit art and culture promoting organization. The company invites visionary artists from around the world to create original groundbreaking work. It promotes international exchange through workshops and festivals and raises urgent social, philosophical and global concerns while providing space for creative inspiration and spiritual growth. OAA offers a holistic educational platform, structured in the form of a “polyversity,” which encompasses: experimental dance & post-dramatic theatre, eco-somatic training, innovative yoga classes and certified teacher training programs, cultural anthropology and performance art research publications, interfaith lectures and eco drama events. The four pillars of OAA (Innovate, Educate, Inspire and Explore) provide an integral tool kit for cultivating the self.

INNOVATE: Overground Physical Theater Company creating cutting edge, inter-disciplinary art; offering weekly classes in experimental dance and post-dramatic theatre;


EDUCATE: Ecorporeality Self-refinery – accessing creativity and authenticity through a signature method of eco-somatic development of body and voice; offering weekly classes in Ecorporeality.


INSPIRE: Yogea Art Flow Yoga providing contemporized Yoga Education “Engaged Spirituality” that encompasses spiritual teachings, esoteric traditions and holistic practices from all over the world; building “Kinder Dao,” a playground for unleashing children’s creativity; offering weekly classes in “Yogea” – an innovative Yoga style.


EXPLORE: Cross Cultural Hub – conducting and publishing Cultural Anthropology research; exploring cross-cultural boundaries between traditions and ecologies; mounting ethno-contemporary projects.

Overgorund Arts Alliance is considered a cutting edge off-off Broadway Physical Theatre lab of iconoclastic vision. It has received critical acclaim for its signature physical theatre style works performed by Overground Physical Theatre Company at illustrious New York venues, such as New York Live Arts, BAM Fisher, City Center, La Mama Experimental Theater, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Judson Memorial Church, New Dance Group, Dance New Amsterdam, Manhattan Arts & Movement Center, Connecticut College, TED Platform for progressive thinkers, Connecticut College, BRIC, John Ryan Theater as part of Dumbo Dance Festival & White Wave Rising Series, and Salvatore Capezio Theater, Ellens Hall, among others.  Formerly, OAA has been awarded fellowships for cross-cultural research and performance by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Scenic Movement Department of the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia. OAA workshops and training sessions have been led at the Zurich Tanz Theater Schule in Switzerland, Art College in Denpasar, Bali, Hardvard Dance School and Carnegie Mellon University. Internationally, OAA has conducted theatrical anthropology research and participated at festivals and conferences in U.S., Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Austria, Switzerland, Tunisia, France, Bulgaria, Germany and Italy. Currently, the organization contributes performance art criticism to Bulgarian “Theater Magazine.”