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The secret to rudderless dance: embodying energy through conscious dance

How about focusing on the exhalation and emptiness in order to create space for the authentic movement to emerge? Come and experience movement that arises from the Abysmal Void…

How about viewing your feet and hands, arms and legs, not as extremities, but as conductors and receptors of electricity, resonant and able to receive the impulse and pass it on? Come and toy with the concept of “branching roots” to expand your Kinesphere…and rev up your kinetic recall…

How about throwing away the corset and sensitizing your back, cradling into the positive and negative space, learning how to retreat in order to advance, and finding neutrality in order to resonate thoughts and convey messages? Come and carve the body into a moving “mandala”, where every part supports and propels the integrity of the whole…

How about thinking of the force inherent in a tornado when turning and heeding the spiral dynamics that funnels you into your intrinsic power and strength? Come and spin into a wash cycle of centrifugal and centripetal swirl – to negotiate your balance and invite change.

How about tweaking the body as a piece of origami, endlessly folding and unfolding, creating patterns of haunting beauty and evanescent presence? Never linear, never one-sided, always multidimensional. Come and transcend flat shapes and lines by venturing into a tangent of tidal, curly flow.

How about learning choreography not as fixed steps, but an organic sequence of coherent movement stirred by your emotions and justified by your intentions? Come and test a new way of kinetic recall and affective memory, so you can pick up movement in an instant – not rationally, rather intuitively.

How about experiencing the pelvis as a cauldron bubbling with information and meaning, absorbing the movement into its fumes and emitting it as moist vapors – texturized and wet? Come and whirl into the infinity loop of the pelvis to use it both as anchor and a springboard.

How about advancing from the back and understanding that all forward movements emerge from the spine. Come and take inventory by gliding in space effortlessly from behind? Your feet trailing like a spiral into swirling thrusts – propelled by the impulse and sustained by the pelvis.

How about dancing your gaze in a wave triggered by the navel? The eyes are not only the mirror of your soul, but also flashlights into your subconscious. The eyes always trail behind the impulse – they never disclose the point of inquiry. Pin your eyes to the back of your head and leave your front blank and spacious. Come and excavate the hidden layers of your psyche as you relinquish habitual patterns and taste untried ways of flipping direction, amplifying range and exploring levels that go beyond the expected scope.

How about perceiving every transition as full-fledged momentum and stretching the space between the suspension and dissolution? Then your movements will become multi-layered, polycentric and off-Broadway – like…Come and seek contrast. Tickle your preconceived ideas about on and off balance and learn how to stay up while in constant flux and merge to the ground while in perpetual elation.

How about envisioning every landing as a trail etched into sand, drilling underground through the gravel, and soil – digging a whole into the material fabric of the Earth? Come and work on amplifying your landing so you can jump higher and leap further in your life and dance.

How about sailing your movements through space, time and dimension? If you anticipate the steps you lose power in the now and you rush into performing your chartered story. Be ready to sail rudderless, always eager to fulfill the unchartered aspects of your self. Come and find truth in your feet, bring awareness to your background body, expand your kinesphere.

Do you want to anticipate what’s coming? Surely not…surprise your self, drag the moment to eternity and luxuriate in the movement that arises from the ineffable and coalesces with the impossible. There in the craze of possibilities and tangents is your entry to the HOW…The why informs the How. Do you know why you are dancing?

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