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FROM SWARMING TO DIVING: In search of dancing designs

BeeHave_5After premiering the new hybrid work “BeeHave” at the renown Ailey Citigroup Theatre, and the the cutting-edge White Wave Festival in New York, and presenting its philosophy and creative concept at “Performing the World” conference in NY, Overground’s educational platform will extend traditional definitions of movement and choreography.

In a relentless search of a complimentary vision for dance, of new dimensions of organic movement and human identity, we glimpsed the magical world of honey bees to draw life wisdom from the alchemy of the hive. We ventured into their iconic waggle dance to rethink our personal choices in line with our global needs.

From the swarming intelligence of the hive, we are now ready to take a dolphin dive into European Experimental Tanz Theater and explore new concepts of coherent movement through human design. In the current post-global dance, old forms dissolve to make way for a new autonomous aesthetic of personalized visions, concerned with the design of patterns, dynamics and ecologies. This dance of “hyper-mediacy” transcends the modernistic principles of pastiche to carve a path of innovation into global “ecoporealities.”  And if the postmodern paradigm of deconstructionism unleashed a process of distillation, the ultra modern, emerging visual and interactive aesthetic entails a dynamic interplay of perspectives that reveal our dissolving reality through the multiple identities we own.

We will explore this emerging MORHIC DANCE wave with our upcoming “DD” project – Dancing Designs. In a world of unfathomable complexity and interconnectedness we will mint new choreographic techniques and approaches which can explore the boundaries of human knowledge, perception and understanding. We will reinstall a notion of ecology that is not primarily based on energy or matter only, but on patterns of information exchange. We will view the world in terms of patterns, dynamics and interdependencies – as an ecology of open systems and multivariable interactions.

Our current world is perceived as a reality constructed as interactions, relationships, constellations and designs, and contemporary choreography assumes the creative practice for such relations to emerge. We will trace how order emerges in living systems and coins a language of patterns. Patterns are in between, ephemeral and real -visible to us under certain conditions, in certain wavelengths for us to grasp. These patterns govern our lives. Every pattern is a crystallization of vibrations in our energetic grid. It is a sophisticated device inscribing information about all life forms throughout the Universe of Creation – an architectural design of intricate complexity that holds the collective essence of the planet. Our routines, solar systems, conversations, encounters are all driven by subtle frames of some sort. Our own awareness is coded in some profound and ambiguous structures and dynamics working in man and nature.

Dance teaches us that patterns are not rigid – they are fluid constellations, appearing and disappearing, crystallizing and dissolving: a constant dance of creation and annihilation in a world in which we own our being – our subtle frame of light. In fact, dance is the science of rearranging matter and motion through condensed patterns that all hold a certain level of frequency. Studying the dynamics of patterns allows us to redesign our world and change our fundamental Geometry of Perception – the underlying geometry that determines the way consciousness and energy can flow. This in turn influences the way we see reality.

Between this “dance” lies a world full of interactions, relationships, constellations, dependencies, arrangements and ecologies. To enquire into the world of changing patterns and the forces at play is to engage into the choreography of life, examining what makes us dance and why.  This inquiry catapults the choreographer as the navigator of a fluid ecology we are all a part of.


Patterns can grow, learn and propagate. We might call these patterns an insight to an idea. New ideas emerge from the rearrangement of floating patterns. Devoid of structure they change like a shifting kaleidoscope. In our search for patterns in motion we will turn this kaleidoscope as we watch the pieces assume new patterns and relationship to each other – observing closely how fundamental structures collapse and new flexible principles emerge. Like a giant hologram – every portion of the Universe enfolds the whole. Reconstituting the reality of the body and mind into a higher order we create a context for the body mind and spirit to fit into a more complex coherent state of being.

In our quest to un-pattern and re-pattern our lives, we will harvest movement from nature and investigate into the wider grammar of patterns, their proportionalities and their paradoxes in order to discover the frames that bind us together and make us see the dances we dance.  We will shed light on static patterns, questioning the validity and limitations of existing frames in regards to a wider knowing. As we reframe ourselves we open to the need for adjusting the way we conduct our life, interact, love, consume and apply ourselves to the soul and eco sphere. We carve an identity of openness and a reality of infinite dimension and possibilities, granting us resonance with greater fields of life. We will swirl into these multifarious constellations and dive into the essence that spawned them – like a swarm of bees and a school of dolphins…all at once…


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