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October, 2018

IDEN-defy – Overground’s most recent cutting edge provocation coming up…

HYBRID BODIES – Tensegrity on stage It looks like contact improvisation, but it takes it a notch further. It is a new partnering technique that builds on the concept of Tensegrity. What does that mean? It means floating bodies propelled by inner tension. Instead of pursuing the push and pull dynamic of duet work, Hybrid bodies uses three points of contact. Think about two oppositional forces and a third that veers off the center to create the illusion of a free fall. The bodies are held by inner tension in an off-balance tilt that makes them three-dimensional. The technique fuses [ Read the rest…]

Overground’s newest cutting edge, interdisciplinary work IDEN-defy premiers October 26

HERE: 145 6thAv. October 26, 27 @ 8:30 PM October 28 @ 4 pm. For tickets & information call 212.352.3101/visit: http://here.org/shows/detail/2015/ Written directed and choreographed by:Antonia Ka & Valentina Priolo Performed by: Daan Bootsma, Valentina Priolo, Richard J. Scandola & Motoko Tadano Video design by:Ana Atanassova & Kalin Ivanov Narrated by: Antonia Ka & Anthony Giorgio Music by:Melodium;Guy Skornik & Elisabeth Skornik;Arovane & Origamibiro Photography & Graphic Design by: Art Vanguard An evocative pastiche of dance, theatre and video IDEN-defy exposes issues of identity (personal, racial, gender, socio-economic) in a society bombarded by labels and oversaturated with gadgetry. The piece brings together 5 [ Read the rest…]

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